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Well I do enjoy selling Real Estate and working with clients is a pleasure. I have 5 daughters and 4 of them are quadruplets, so negotiating is a constant for me! I am originally from California but relocated here in 1993. I am a single mom, so I now work harder then ever for my clients. Just imagine my costs raising 5 daughters! I MUST work hard for you, I must negotiate a great deal. And who are we kidding, my personal and professional life, is one negotiation after another! So if you want a master negotiator, I can even so NO to my cute little girls faces without batten a eye, so I am YOUR master negotiator.Bring me a builder, or a selling agent! I will ask on your behalf what you can't. I will get for you, what you didn't think you could ask for! Hire Melanie and I will work for you! You will be in shock at all I can do now! Some just work with me to experience my humorous personality and great work ethic. I have been FULL time in the business since 1996! Almost 23 years of experience and counting.


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